Sep 14, 2020 • 45M

The Money Vikings Podcast #9 - Selling AAPL Puts, Rule of 72, FIRE 4% Rule

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Money Vikings (Jerry)
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Jerry, Greg and Bob discuss

Jerry's trade of the week - Selling an October AAPL put at the 100 dollar strike for $2.26 x 100 - in the profit and loss profile below, you can see that he plans to sell around 9/25 for 50% of his profit target, as long as the stock stays where it is today. For $1,798 of margin used, that would be a 6% return in 2 weeks!

Greg reviews the Rule of 72 - how to calculate what it takes to double your money based on a given return.

We discuss the 4% Rule, or how to live happily in retirement preserving your core income.

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