In This Issue: When Life Gives You Lemons, Market Report, Hot Trades IWM Iron Condor, Collectibles - Next Great Spiderman Character?, 7 Reasons to…
SVB, Market Report, Hot Trades: SPY Iron Condor, Long Gold.
In This Substack: Debbie Downer, Market Report, Hot Trades: TSLA Iron Condor Closes for Profit, Collectibles - GPK’s, How to Retire in 40’s & 50’s…

February 2023

In This Issue: Investing for World War III, Market Report, 2 Hot Trades: COIN and PYPL, Collecting: I’m Not One With Phyrexia, Health Benefits of Onions
Hot Trades : SPY, XSP, and UNG

November 2022

On Friday, shortly before the market close, I decided to close my AAPL Iron Condor at 50% max profit target!

October 2022

The Death of the 60/40 Portfolio is Greatly Exaggerated
Seen this scary movie..., Market Summary, Hot Trades 🔥
🥾 How Will You Thrive & The Great Reboot, Current Investment Watchlist (NEW💥 SECTION!), Hot Trades 🔥, Collectibles - 5 Reasons Flesh & Blood Will…
Embrace Atomic Habits (Reject "To The Moon" (PAID) Hot Trades 🔥, Collectibles - Wolverine Will Get Hot & Epic Uprising Box, 5 Concepts for Wealth…

September 2022

Balancing Defense With Opportunity (Fight Fear!) BTFD? 🔥Hot Trades, Defensive Rolls, 5 Concepts for Wealth Building, Health - Coffee & Tea Key to…
🔀Dominate with Diversification! Market Reversal This Week - Is it here to stay? Real Estate - OHI REIT 🔥Hot Trades, Collectibles - Spectacular…